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We love a good brewski.... Showcasing a range of local and Australian owned breweries, distilleries, ciderys and wineries.  Here's some of our more popular choices...
RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers. Young Henry's IPA
Gin Gin Mule Kali moon
Rum, scotch, bourbon, vodka and spirits
Great Northern stubby
RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers.  Baffle Brewing Co.
RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers.  Baffle Brewing Co.
Witches Falls Bottle
Witches Falls wine list
Witches Falls Family Winemakers

Witches Falls Winery craft exceptional-quality wine. Producing a product that brings such a considerable source of enjoyment is, and always has been, their primary purpose.

Now one of Queensland’s largest wine producers, all Witches Falls’ products are made on-site, allowing close monitoring at every step of the wine-making process. Innovation, a meticulous attention to detail, and a respect for minimal intervention are combined in careful balance to make up the Witches Falls philosophy.

Located on Tamborine Mountain, the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland is the ideal destination for QLD yet close enough to the Granite Belt which plays host to Witches Falls’ diverse fruit supply.  As wine writer and critic Tony Harper so aptly put it: “Witches Falls wines shine with individuality and confidence melded with regional style."


Witches Falls Provenance Rose

Witches Falls Provenance Sauvignon Blanc

Made in Australia

Witches Falls Horizontal Logo
Cheeki Tikki Cider Bundaberg
Cheeky Tikki Ohana Cider (tap)

In a world dominated by fake ciders made from imported apple concentrates, Cheeky Tiki is a boutique cider range that is a 100% Australia grown and made. It is one of the first naturally made ciders in Queensland, and our our mission is simple – Real Fruit, Real Flavour = Real Cider


The core range includes; Dry and Sweet apple cider, Orange & Ginger cider and Passionfruit cider. All the fruit is locally sourced - Bundaberg farmers provide us with Passionfruit, Ginger, Oranges (and more), whilst Nicoletti Orchards in Stanthorpe provides us with the most important ingredient…delicious fresh apples.


Every month apples are trucked up to the cidery in Bundaberg, where the Cheeky Tiki cider making process begins…


Ohana Orange/Ginger Cider (tap)

Ohana Sweet Cider (tap)

Made in Australia

Cheeki Tikki Logo Bundaberg
Food and beverage RiverFeast food trucks
Great Northern stubby
Young henrys
Stone & Wood (tap)

The story of Stone & Wood sees three guys from the beer business who took a chance on something different and created a craft beer like no other. With breweries in Byron Bay, Brisbane and Murwillumbah, these B-Corp certified brewers join a growing community of companies dedicated to being agents of positive change through conscious sustainability practices.

Stone & Wood’s not-for-profit arm support grassroots, environmental and social charities in the local areas where funds are donated. We stock their flagship beer, the original pale ale and crisp varieties.

Great Northern (stubby/can)

Great Northern Beer traces its roots back to the tropical regions of Australia, where it was first brewed to quench the thirst of those living in the northern parts of the country.


The story of Great Northern Beer began with a vision to create a beer that embodies the laid-back and adventurous spirit of Australia's northern territories.  We stock the "Zero" (a crisp 0.0% alcohol beer without compromising on taste), "Original" (fruity aroma, low bitterness and clean, crisp finish) and the "Super Crisp" (lower alcohol %, low bitterness and clean, crisp finish).

Young Henry's (tap)

Like most good stories, ours started over a beer. Overcoming a tangle of red tape, Young Henrys eventually found a home in a modest warehouse in the backstreets of Newtown. With the maxim of ‘serve the people’, the first Young Henrys beers were brewed in March 2012. 

The idea - brew beer the local community would enjoy and be proud to call their own. United by the values  - music, art, culture & community, in a blurry landscape of big beer buy-outs and crafty labels, they sit proudly and reliably independent. We stock the "Natural" (Aussie take on a traditional German recipe. Unfiltered and preservative-free, hazy, crisp, slightly bitter and dry), and the "Ginger Beer" (perfect balance of cool refreshment and ginger spice, cloudy gold, hints of citrus and lime icypole). 

RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers.  Kalki Moon Spirits.  Kalki Moon Distilling Company.
RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers.  Kalki Moon Spirits.  Kalki Moon Distilling Company.
Kalki Moon – Blood Moon

RiverFeast's very own Blood Moon Cocktail - A mix of Kalki Moon’s Vodka, Bundaberg Blood Orange, Raspberry Cordial over ice and finished with a slice of orange.

Kalki Moon – Gin Gin Mule

Why not try a refreshing cocktail.  Lime wedge,  mint leaves, Kalki Moon Gin and Bundaberg Ginger Beer make a truly refreshing drink for you to enjoy riverside.  

RiverFeast Bundaberg.  Craft brews and mainstream beers. Jim Beam, Bundbaerg Rum, Canadian Club, Jack Daniels.
The Usual Suspects

Of course we stock your tried and true favourites. 


Mexican-born brew with a distinct flavour - Corona stubbies.  The iconic Bundaberg Rum & Coke in cans is always popular.  Canadian Club continues to be the choice of savvy drinkers who are looking for a refreshing alternative to beer, a classic cocktail, or simply a great tasting whisky served neat.  Jasper Newton Daniel introduced the world to Old No.7, his signature charcoal-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey in 1866. The rest is history. We stock Jack Daniels and Cola cans.  Last but not least Jim Beam and Cola - a classic. The pairing of quality bourbon from iconic producer, Jim Beam provides the sweet and luscious flavourings from Jim Beam White Label.

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